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JGS Overhead Door Systems has a renowned expertise in door openers and garage doors in the Burrillville area. Our team has been selling, installing, maintaining, and repairing complete garage door systems for many years. Have a project? We can guide you by offering you solutions that meet your specific needs.

Emergency service

Does your garage door need maintenance, repairs, or adjustments? Our experienced technicians are able to identify the root cause of the issue and then resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. In order to keep your garage door in optimal working order, we have devised and put in place “annual tune-up” residential program. This means that you will no longer have to fear unpleasant surprises and that you will feel safer. Don’t wait until your car is stuck in your garage because your door is out of commission. Don’t have time to take care of it? We’ll do it for you!

We have the solution!

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Does your garage door:

  • Not open?
  • Close improperly?
  • Not reverse direction mechanically?
  • Stop before touching the floor?
  • Seem very heavy to open?

Does your garage door opener:

  • Open and close by itself?
  • Make a bothersome thudding noise?
  • Not work?
Service Call

Then contact us! You can trust us with all your garage door inquiries and we will be sure to fix your problems rapidly and correctly! Here is what we can take care of:

  • Noisy garage doors
  • Broken springs
  • Broken or bent rollers
  • Broken garage door cables
  • Bent or misaligned tracks
  • Replacement of sections
  • Safety inspections
  • Garage door hardware overhauls
  • Maintenance

  26-Point Inspections PDF Document

Whatever request you may have, we will make your door work!

Because we:

  • Provide emergency garage door services 24\7.
  • As certified Garaga Experts, meet the highest levels of professionalism.
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  • Are qualified technicians and installers.
  • Give the best advice because we know our products from top to bottom.
  • Are courteous, rapid and thorough.
  • Are a member of the IDA - International Door Association and the Professional Door Association of New England.
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  • Are an EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) Lead-Safe Certified Firm.
    Lead-safe - EPA - Certified firm
  • Comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and regulations.
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  • Cover the residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors.
  • Serve:
  • Can be quickly reached online to schedule an appointment.
  • Fix any brand of garage door or garage door opener, and replace parts and accessories.

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  • And last, we love what we are doing!

  What goes into the Cost of Services

What you need to know about our “Annual Tune-Up” Program:

When you have a garage door installed, you not only want the system to work properly for as long as possible, but you want it to be safe, and above all, you don’t want it to cost you more time and money! When it comes to avoiding these issues and the unexpected costs they incur, there’s no secret! A garage door system must be built with quality materials. Then, it must be installed by qualified technicians, and finally, it must be regularly inspected depending on how often you use your garage door.

Performing regular maintenance on a garage door is as essential as performing regular maintenance on a car or an important appliance in your home. Remember that it’s the biggest moving part of your entire house. What’s more, garage doors are increasingly used as a main access door to the house.

Therefore, it’s important to heed the maintenance guidelines for your new garage door. At JGS Overhead Door Systems, we can provide peace of mind by offering a preventive maintenance program for your garage door.

Our residential garage door checkup program includes 10 major points:

  1. Inspect, lube and adjust rollers and hinges
  2. Inspect, lube and adjust torsion springs and all plates
  3. Inspect, adjust and balance extension springs (Note: Garaga strongly recommends the installation of security cables with extension springs.)
  4. Inspect and tighten nuts and bolts
  5. Inspect and adjust lifting cables
  6. Inspect and adjust tracks (alignment and wall attachment)
  7. Inspect and lube exterior frame and door bottom weatherstripping
  8. Inspect and adjust door opener’s electrical components including trolley
  9. Test and adjust all security systems (mechanical or photoelectrical)
  10. Inspect and tune remote controls & door opener accessories

When should this checkup be performed? Preferably before winter, or at least every 18 months. It’s a bit like doing a pre-winter checkup for your car. For safety reasons, do not attempt to perform adjustments yourself if your door is not operating properly. Ask the professionals at JGS Overhead Door Systems to come perform a full inspection of your garage door system. We are known for our competence and knowledge in our field. Call us at JGS Overhead Door Systems and we’ll work together to plan your personalized yearly garage door checkup program. Call us at 401-658-0000.

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